Vacation Overload In Italy

If you want to witness one of the world’s most impressive country-wide art galleries, it should be Italy that you should visit. If you happen to browse the internet to look for Italy holiday packages, you would find several choices of museums or historical churches with superb sculptures.

In Florence for example, even non-art enthusiasts can’t resist to visit Michael Angelo’s magnificent sculpture of the Biblical hero David. It is now located at the Accademia Gallery and a replica was placed on its original location in Piazza Della Signoria. The latter can also be described as an arcade of historical sculptures like statues of Cosmos I di Merdici, Fountain of Neptune and a lot more.

For those who would want to experience Italy’s marine life, the islands of Sicily are the best places to go. Laghetto delle Ondine, Rabbit Beach and the beautiful Lo Specchio di Venere are just few of the best spots of Sicily to visit. Might as well include the stunning view of the Stromboli Volcano to complete the package. 

Who could ever forget to include Venice? Riding their ever famous gondolas while exploring the Grand Canal is a ‘must-do’ thing while viewing the Renaissance-old palaces surrounding it.

Italy is one of the must-visit places of the world. If you want something grand and prestigious, then Italy is the place to be.


  1. Yes, the nostalgia of Italy is always an attraction to visit. In football too Italy is always enjoyable. Would Italy win today?

  2. Thanks for the info. I went to Italy years ago, we did all the Catholic stuff, and Venice. It was fun. I don't see myself going back, but my daughter will certainly be seeing Italy in her lifetime. She loves to travel. I will send your link to her:)

  3. I'm saving for Italy! how long would that take me? Italy is my top pick destination.


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