Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to cut things. I remember my mom buying me old issues of comics for me to cut. And how I marvel and dreamed of cutting an intricately made pastillas wrapper (click on "wrapper" to see how it is made) that I've seen in Batibot (Wikipedia) many years ago.

pastillas wrapper

Just recently, I've been craving for some locally made Pretzels so I asked K-kun to buy a big box for me. And the thought of Pretzels made me miss my hometown. You see, there's always a store open there and Pretzels are always within reach, together with Chocolate Mallows. Anyway, I was waiting for the video of Attention Please to load when I realized that I already finished up a box of Pretzels. What a shame! So I just threw it away in the trash bin when I noticed some illustrations on the back of the box. They've got some figures that you can cut-out! Yay! So I grabbed my scissors and jumped into the cutting frenzy. I already have 2 out of 29 collectibles so that means adding sugar to my system. But no worries, I only have to drink lots of water and it's perfect for summer.

Another thing that makes me busy in this super hot weather is making origami. Remember the Chiyogami set that I bought before? I started making use of it just recently. Seriously, following Japanese instructions are crazy, despite the diagrams and all. The paper crane (?) I made was not from the chiyogami instructions but based on what I have remembered. I know it's not a real paper crane but let's just say that it's my version of it, LOL!

So what makes you busy these days?


  1. I love paper crafts! Those pastilla wrappers must have been hard to cut. Haven't tried origami yet but I will as soon as I'm done with my craft projects. Hehe.

  2. Hi Gracey! Yup, those wrappers are very hard to cut. While I was browsing for information about that, I found a workshop in making those wrappers. They even called it the vanishing art of pastillas wrapper.

  3. Oh, I've never seen such kind of candy wrapper. I think its too pretty to be used only to wrap pastillas. It is a special treat, but what would people do with the lace paper after eating the pastillas?
    Btw, my younger son also got into origami back in grade school. He even bought origami books, but when it gets complicated, he gives up :p

  4. I'm not really sure about that Mimi, and I haven't seen it in real life. And I even searched youtube for that episode in batibot but no such luck. I think they use that in fiestas and special occasions. It would be a SIN if one would just crumple it after eating the pastillas. But having that kind of an intricate design just for a candy wrapper must be something.

    I love those origami books! I often browse them in Powerbooks and wished that I have those colorful papers!

  5. even though its probably my favorite, i have never tried making tamagoyaki. hahahah! when i get a craving, i just drop by the sushi store at the station. we used to experiment with it at the dorm, but i was usually doing taste tests rather than actually making it. yours look amazing! bravo!

  6. love the batibot and pastillas reference ;-) i still remember that episode. hahaha!

  7. Hi Caryn!

    Tamagoyaki in sushi bars are the best and not oily at all. I still have to learn to cook egg with less oil. :D And I really miss Batibot!

    Pagising sa umaga...


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