Eagle Eye

New addition to my tickets collection!

K-kun and I watched Eagle Eye yesterday in TriNoMa and it was worth all that travel! The ride in the MRT was pleasant and has some special exception because I'm pregnant. No need to go into the long lines of the South-bound station and no need to go through all the flights of stairs just to get over to the other side of the station. Whoo!

Anyway, the film is not your usual action-packed film. It's very entertaining and the stars (Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan) were able to shine on their own. I must admit that LaBeouf is not just a pretty face but a very good actor as well. He was able to convey different emotions without overdoing it. I won't talk about the movie, afraid that I might spill some spoilers. There is a minor disappointment, but don't mind me, I tend to focus on the smallest unimportant details so it might be nothing to the effect of the film. K actually enjoyed the whole film.

See for yourself, I bet it's worth your time and money.

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