random 001

Warning: You can skip this if you're not really as bored as I am.

There's an ongoing discussion in my head. I got bored making Lucky Stars so I decided to do something new.
  • went to SSS to pay my monthly contribution. it's scorching hot when we left home, rained midway then scorching hot when we reached SSS. weird.
  • SSS Marikina = great air-conditioned office. wanted to make a bed beside the teller and sleep the whole day through.
  • received discount coupons from McDonald's. really useful for k-kun.
  • SM Marikina opening day. fans + Sarah Geronimo = madness. new mall = great air-conditioning + discounts + a lot of crowd + great view outside.
  • got curious with twitter and plurk so i checked out those sites and realized that i'm handling so many online accounts already so decided against it.
  • acquired some e-books online. but i want a real book. argh!
  • see the new label below (small talk)? my version of micro-blogging. hah!


  1. SM Marikina...now I know why they rearranged the traffic scheme at Katipunan. At least the flow of vehicles is much better now without the U-turn in front of Ateneo.

  2. yup, but the traffic flow going east is so hard to deal with, and sm marikina is not commuter friendly. at least for those who live near them.


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