Goodbye memories

My laptop crashed. Or more likely my hard drive did. I've been wary of my laptop's condition for some time now. It's been awfully noisy and prompts me all the time that I have low disk space. It's been warning me but I didn't listen. Until it crashed one day and I lost everything. Everything. Thousands of original (and only) copies of digital photographs of Offspring since birth, years worth of documents, mp3s, movies and scanned images.  I know we should have upgraded into 500gb hard drive years ago but we neglected to do so. Now it's gone and there's nothing we can do to retrieve those files.


  1. Oh no. (hug) I'm so sorry to hear that, Gene. :'(

  2. Thanks Jonette. I was planning of putting her pictures into photo books this Christmas. Buti na lang I had uploaded our wedding and Una's Christening pictures in multiply, still thankful that I have copies of those kahit na low quality na.

  3. Oh Gene!! :'( Yours is just as recent as mine. I'm thinking about that now too and my heart breaks all over. The consequences of my procrastination... I've been meaning to back up for a long time but I kept putting that off because my portable hdd seemed so indestructible... so reliable. I also have some uploaded on multiply and photobucket, but even there it's not the complete stuff, only selected pics. In my "gone" files, I even saved many blurs. Is yours really unrecoverable? I am still praying that there is hope for mine.


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