Quiet Christmas

Hello there friends. I'm kind of late in updating here but some rundown for what happened in the past weeks/days.
  • Spent the holidays with the family, both in Manila and Marikina
  • Had a photo op with my sister and our kids. 
  • Went to a military camp in Tarlac to visit my newly enlisted brother-in-law
We didn't get to do much this year. A few years ago, we celebrated Christmas in Tagaytay but this year is a bit quiet for my taste. I would have wanted some real vacation time for the holidays. And we didn't get to see my brother and his family. They decided to stay in Singapore for the holidays, hopefully we'll get to see them next year. Hmnn, something to look forward to, visiting them in Singapore. Hopefully after paying our car loan that ends in September. Yay! Can't wait for that particular loan to finish. I can imagine what other things we can do with the money. More savings and vacation budget. Yes, definitely!

Also let me share hubby's gift to me this year. 

My hometown tumbler! I'm a Manila City girl and it will always be my home. I know Marikina is a part of the Metro Manila but it's still different, especially if you spend all your life in downtown Manila. Plus it's kind of difficult exploring Marikina because our location is more accessible coming from Quezon City. Regardless of that, I'm actually looking forward to visiting the tiangge in River Park.

On that note, two more days and we will say good bye to 2010 and welcome 2011 with open arms (and hopefully with no injuries.)

Any plans for the coming year?


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