BF/GF McDonald's Commercial

This commercial from McDonald's is so adorable!


  1. I agree that the kids in the commercial are so adorable but the idea that they are trying to project is so NOT! Why a girl need a boyfriend in a first place when all she want is someone to buy her McDo?Plus they are too young to have that kind of thinking. I know it's just a commercial, commercial that will influence a lot of kids to get a boyfriend that will buy them things they want! LOL!
    McDonald need to ditch their advertising coordinator or adviser,ASAP!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA, This commercial is hilarious. It gives the message that all a girl wants is someone to buy her stuff, and the guys are silly enough to give in to the demands.

    Very cute. haha

  3. I totally agree with Willa. Di ko pa napapanood yung commercial since bagal ng net ko pero since tinanggal na sya ng Mcdo malamang na realize nila na mali nga ang pagpapakita ng gantong klaseng commercial...

  4. the commercial is cute, but not what they are trying to project; i agree with Willa, too!


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