one wall, one world

During our recent walk along the Marikina Riverbanks, I spotted these walls. These walls are painted by One Wall, One World, an environmental advocacy team from Boysen KNOxOUT. Their goal is to paint the walls with this new product to clean air.

How It Works
Boysen KNOxOUT contains photocatalytic titanium dioxide, (TiO2), which upon exposure to light, transforms ordinary water vapor to free radicals that break down NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the two components of smog.

Harmful NOx gas is converted to nitric acid that is rapidly neutralized by alkaline calcium carbonate particle in the paint, producing harmless quantities of calcium nitrate and negligible amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water.

Click on the Panda to know more about the One wall, One world environmental advocacy.

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  1. sounds like a good idea. thought paints has harmful chemicals in them too. My Green Monday

  2. nice earth-friendly product. i thought all paints are harmful to the environment. thanks for sharing.

  3. Now that's something worth to have! I heard of the good things Bayani Fernando did in Marikina, I hope whoever is in charge now continue doing the city good!

  4. I heard a lot of things about Bayani..I vote for him pa nga eh..hehehe
    visiting from Green Monday! :) Have a nice day!
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  5. wow! That sounds like a great project. It's nive of Boysen company to do such!

  6. wow, that's really nice. Thanks for joining us and hope you can join again on Monday.

  7. sana lang lahat ng mga bagong produkto na madedevelop wala ng harmful chemicals gaya ng paint na ito.


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