Una makes me feel like levitating

Levy's huge contest is coming to an end by the end of this month. I've been neglecting this for the past weeks but I'm glad that I still have the chance to join the contest and be eligible for the grand prize. Anyway, Levy wanted us to answer this question:

"What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?"

There are so many important things that I wanted to post here but I'm not sure where to start.

Was it the time when I first saw that two pink lines in a pregnancy test home kit?

I was ecstatic but didn't dare try jumping in our cramped bathroom.

Was it when I gave birth to a perfectly healthy little girl?

Oh, believe me I would if I wasn't high from anesthesia when I first woke up.

I honestly cannot pin point that moment when I actually feel like soaring with happiness.

Maybe because I feel like flying all the time whenever I look into my daughter's smiling face. She brings sunshine to our hearts even if the rain was pouring hard the other day  and we were busy packing for our belongings in case the Marikina river overflows again.

I guess I should also add that I feel like levitating when Falcon left the country without flooding our home.

And dear daughter here tried defying gravity just to achieve these jump shots. I mean, how can you not laugh when she's so happy and full of life flying like that.


  1. hey man, nice shots. what camera did you use? that kid sure jumps high.

    - KC

  2. little joys of life...

    loving motherhood...

  3. the joys of motherhood and an unexplainable what-a-feeling moment!

  4. ang cute naman ni baby! ahhahaha :))

  5. surely... a mother's joy for just looking at her kid is unexplainable... -kharen

  6. It's a picture of a loving mom and enthusiastic daughter.

  7. a loving mom and a lovable baby... :)

  8. Hi Gene,

    Those cute shots. I also joined the contest but I don't have a jump shot photo. Its true that when you gave birth you also feel like levitating. Good luck to the contest.

  9. "Maybe because I feel like flying all the time whenever I look into my daughter's smiling face." -- same here! :))

  10. what a nice jump shots. a very loving mother with a cute daughter! nice one gene!!!

  11. Buti pa si Una, no worries =)
    A simple smile or a hug, ok na sa 'tin yun. pantanggal ng pagod =)

  12. we cannot compare the joy we feel to something else when we seeing our lovely child doing some funny crazy things. Then we will just tell to them you know how to make me smile my child.. :)

  13. i have to agree with you sis, motherhood + parenting + our beautiful children are really reason enough to levitate ;)

  14. just to see your kid with a smile like that, you will really feel levitating, nice shot Una!

  15. simple smile from an innocent child will make you feel levitating, Hakuna Matata Una!

  16. Hi gene! Nice entry, I reaaly like it because the feeling is mutual and im sure also for all of the mothers out there. Nice shots!:)



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