Visiting Toy Shops

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmastime is here!

Though it may be late, I now feel the slight changes in the weather. The cool Christmas breeze is in the air and the colorful decors can now be seen in most homes and establishments. And Christmas songs heard in every corner. The much awaited season is coming fast and kids are getting excited. I know the kid inside me have that feeling too. I think this season is our excuse to indulge in our material wishlist. It’s a good thing I don’t bring that much cash when visiting malls or I would have indulged myself (and the little one) in a shopping spree when visiting a toy shop, especially those with a wide toy selection like Deals Direct. It’s my weakness. I love cute toys while the little one loves the colorful stuff. We try to make it a point to save all the big gift purchases in time for Christmas.

Now that the big day is coming, we cannot decide which toy to buy for the offspring. We're trying to limit it to one big/expensive toy and a couple of small toys (and perhaps some candy canes) as stocking fillers. The little one is not much of a help when choosing. We would show here our Christmas gift ideas but she would jump from one toy to another. But it's not all that bad. The good about visiting toy shops is that she became aware that she can look and sometimes touch those toys but she doesn't necessarily have to bring them home. Or we would be in big trouble.

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  1. Same sila ng son ko, he likes to go to toy stores pero okay lang if wala sya dala pag-uwi.  Gusto nya lang din hawakan at tignan mga toys :) Minsan nga solve na sya sa newsletter magazine ng stores, sana wag sila magbago :) 

    Regarding sa question mo if kasama na playmat sa vikingtoys review, unfortunately 'hindi' pero pwede sya mabili for P600+ 


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