Word Play

Something that made me nostalgic today. I miss playing Boggle with my siblings.


west | mass | bar | ran | wear | set | sea | tear | least | base | ram | test | man | lust | bust | barn


  1. I also played this with my siblings and we always had fun

  2. I missed playing Boggle. It's been ages. Hmm i think i should buy one so we could play during weekends. =) by the way, i thought you've stopped blogging. glad to read your new posts. keep on blogging, neighbor! =) (and we still haven't met, lol!)

  3. Oh wow. hmm... my memories of boggle was: it was one of the few board games I excelled in Grade School PE classes. It really enjoyed playing this game so much, I would intermittently, uh, geek out at time. ^_^"

    Interestingly, it does sound weird now, saying we had board games in PE back then.

  4. Gene,i'd like to invite you to come with me tomorrow for the J&J bedtime event in Makati, 9am. You think you can make it?

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