Been busy stitchin'

Uhm, hi?

I know, I know, I made promises of updating soon. You see, my hands are literally full with knitting needles and yarn. The uber long blog hiatus brought out the ehem creative side of me and resulted into something that made me so darn proud. Presenting my very first knitted garment.

Confection Baby Shrug

Name: Confection Baby Shrug by Tonya Wagner
Made for: Una, fit for 18 months
Where to buy: free knitting pattern online. You have to be a member of Ravelry to access the pattern page.
Needle size: 3.75 mm Addi Circular Knitting Needles 32"
Yarn: Monaco No. 8 6 Ply - Undyed/Natural color

Confection Baby Shrug

Warning: Knitting talk ahead
As a self taught knitter this project presented a lot of obstacles for me. I tend to have problems deciding which cast on method to use. I'm pretty sure it's because of my ignorance and not knowing which works best with certain projects. With that decision made, I was then again faced with another problem: seams. The pattern required seaming the sleeves and newbie knitter + seaming = problems. I hated seaming with crochet projects and still hated it with knitting. Guess, some things never change, huh? Lastly, I need a good eye in picking up stitches. It's kind of easy with crochet since you can easily differentiate each stitch but with knitted projects, ugh!

Despite all of the above mentioned difficulties, I made sure to finish the shrug and so giddy when I was putting it on Una. She wore it to bed without me washing it first. I'm just hoping that it would still look the same after washing. Crossing my fingers on that one.

Anyway, I've been thinking of moving my handmade projects to a different blog since I am starting fresh with these projects again for I have lost my previous works with Typhoon Ondoy. Can't decide yet what to name said future blog, in the meantime allow me to share some of works here.


  1. Ooh lala...that is pretty Gene! Cute model too ;) I'm impressed to say the least. I've had the same issues with knitting, and I also hate seaming. Everything is easier in crochet. But with knitting, the finished project looks awesome to me.
    No worries with Monaco or Cannon thread, in my experience it stays the same after washing, just observe the proper washing care for cottons.

  2. Oh my god! congratulations! I will now begin envying you. *envyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*

    Okay, enough envying. :D

    Amazing. I admire your patience and fortitude! How long did you knit this beauty? :D

  3. Thanks Mimi! How's the drape with knitted garment? I tried knitting socks with Cannon thread, didn't like the result. Or maybe I should have tried knitting it bigger needles instead of US 1.

    Thanks Jonette! I love making stuff for Una, ang bilis kasing matapos. This project took me 4 days to finish. Stockinette stitch lang naman siya mostly and I think having a good yarn helped a lot too. I can't stop caressing it, hahaha!

  4. look at Elizabeth Zimmerman books she's got the best methods for casting on and bind off and other goodies like making a pocket after you've knitted the project. just do a google search on her name and what you want to do, it's all on the internet.


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