Razor Cami

Eh, another one?

Razor Cami

Name: Razor Cami by Katie Marcus
Where to find: free knitting pattern in Ravelry
Yarn: DMC Petra Size 3 in Pink
Needles: 3.75 mm Addi Circular knitting  needles 32"

Razor Cami

This cami took me about 2 weeks to finish. I started it first before making Una's baby shrug, realized that I made a mistake after 2.5" of ribbing so I frogged it then started knitting Una's shrug instead. After finishing that, I worked on this project again, with the right number of stitches this time. It's an easy pattern that I can knit and watch movies at the same time. But then again, my knitting would have been faster if I used a shorter circular needle, that is if I actually have it but I don't. I guess I have to invest on 16" circular needles in the near future. It would be great for making hats and seamless garments for Una. After this, a shirt or maybe a dress for Una. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow, Gene, I'm really jealous of your knitting. You're so fast and its lovely!

  2. wow! you stitched this yourself in just a matter of weeks and it looks so great! galing!

  3. Thanks Mimi! That's all I have under my sleeve. Next would be a crochet dress for Una. I think I exhausted all of my knitting powers with those two projects. It's either I buy smaller needles and try knitting with my stash of Cannon thread or buy more yarns to suit my current needle. Either way, it would mean spending some dough on it and I don't have that kind of luxury at the moment. So back to my first love, crochet it is!

    @_el@i_ It's really nice to once in a while show off things that I made. But there's an extra boost of pride when others appreciate it too. Thank you!

  4. Hi Gene,

    I sent you an email did you get it?


  5. Hi Gene!

    I am your new follower... ☺
    And I must say, I enjoy reading your blog.

    Here's mine:
    Craft: www.thejoyfulcrafter.blogspot.com
    Personal: www.peach36o.blogspot.com

    See you!

  6. Hi Peach!

    Thanks for the follow. Followed you back in your craft blog. Nice to meet another crochet buddy! :D

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