on my way to being productive

When I was still a corporate slave, I followed a getting things done system (or simply called GTD) using a pile of index cards. It worked well with me. I had things done on time, paid bills, even had time to meet with friends. It also go hand in hand with my budget system.

But when I stopped working, I feel that the GTD system doesn't work with me anymore. So I stopped doing it. I thought it would be easier to manage a home without one. Let's just say that I was so wrong. My management skills went haywire during my pregnancy. With my morning sickness that happened not just in the morning but all day long, I couldn't find it in myself to do anything. Then we had the baby and you all probably know what happened during those times: sleepless nights, breastfeeding and starting a new routine.

And what do you know, nothing gets done.

So for this year, I'm focusing on my personal growth. I started making a list of things to get done for the day. Nothing too drastic. It serves as my guide for the day. The idea is to know the things that I must do for the day then include it with the other things I planned to do. By the end of the day, I'll look at my list and my must-do task crossed out then I can say that I had a productive day. The trick here is to be realistic on the things that you planned to do and don't overwhelm yourself with the tasks you assigned to yourself. Then before you go to sleep, make a must-do list for the next day.

With this system, I realized that once I'm done with my must-do list and my plan-to-do list, I have a lot of time in my hand. Hopefully, one day I'll include yoga as part of my list.

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