Who wants fish?

I do! And by the look of things, Una does too. Having a limited vocabulary, fish is one of the few words she can pronounce properly. It's also one of her favorite foods since she can chew it easily. That is why it's no surprise that she loves watching Finding Nemo. We have that on repeat for some time now. In fact, it's currently playing to keep the little one busy.

The movie pointed out a lot of things that opened my mind as a parent. I've learned that no matter how scared I am for my child's well being I have to let her be and do what she wants. That I have to trust her ability to do things on her own and that I have to let her be independent and let her decide, no matter how simple it may be. Otherwise I will not be helping her grow as a person, I will just be molding her into someone I think she should be and not who she really is.

With this movie being memorable and educational to us as a family, I am thinking of buying the three of us fish t shirts. It will be interesting that we have cute Nemo shirts that will also serve as a reminder to take a few steps back if we are getting too protective.

The movie also has a message to diving and fishing enthusiasts. I really think that the dentist diver needs to learn some fishing tips. He knew that Nemo is too young to be taken out of the ocean and to never use flash in marine life photography.

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