A Beginner’s Guide on Digital SLR Photography

There is a sudden boom in the public interests of digital photography. What used to be a professional gadget is now as common as point and shoot camera. With the wide selection of DSLR cameras today, how can you determine of you are about to make the right gadget choice?

Now DSLR cameras are expensive, hence you don’t want to throw your hard earned money to waste by buying a camera that is hard to learn and complicated for a beginner. If you only intend to learn photography as a hobby it will be better to settle for a user-friendly model rather than an advanced one.

Having a digital SLR camera is only the beginning as you would need more tools and accessories to come up with amazing pictures. Know your terms such as the ISO settings and different lenses. Familiarize yourself with the features of your camera by searching for some tutorials and learning a thing or two. This is the best way to gain information without having to pay unlike in a formal photography school with the number of sites and forums offering tutorials and information you can be self-taught in no time.

Learn picture editing with the help of software like Photoshop. No need to spend hours fixing pictures, with just a few mouse clicks you can quickly fix its lighting. It is also very important to know your subject and the concept that you are going for in every shot. Have fun and let your imagination run wild, do not over think about angles or camera positions. Remember that photography is as its best when it is random and unrehearsed.

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  1. that is my next project, i will buy a beginner slr camera, when blogging, camera is one of our must have tools :) i am only using a digicam 12mp at the moment.

  2. aside from photoshop, i also love using picasa3 (it's a free download and you can do some more tweaking online)! to play with my shots. :)

    followed you here via gfc, too!
    have a safe and happy weekend! ♥


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