Starting To Get Fit

With the internet habit, especially with the way I am always glued to the computer, more people like me tend to sit and stay seated for long hours. I can't help it. Computers and being connected had become a part of my everyday life. It has been said that "being connected" is the alternative to being couch potatoes. I've read that if I continue this habit, it would soon cause some disorder in my body and probably kill me too! That's kind of morbid. I love my life and if I want to live a longer happy life I need to get out of this computer chair and start moving. I try to eat a healthy diet but I really think exercising will help me big time. Especially if I want to get rid of the flabs starting to form in my stomach. Eek!
They say that exercising is the way to a good life and by not doing so I am just depriving myself of a good life and a happy future. It doesn't take a sports psychology degree to know fitness programs are essential. It's never to late to start now.

Now, where to start... I know it's not advisable to just follow the exercise instructions found online. I still think that it's best to get advice from a personal trainer with good certification or an experienced friend. 
I'm off for now. Will do some stretching and walking around the house.


  1. That's a good start- walking around the house. You must have a big house, then! :) I know I too need to get moving about more. Walking is good, as it gets the heart pumping and builds muscle at the same time.

  2. @Pepper hahaha! I wish our house is that big. But we live in a family compound so we have some space to walk around. :D


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