New McDelivery Commercial

Lookie, lookie. McDonald's just released two commercials for their McDelivery.

We tried their service once last year and we have mixed feelings about it. For one, it took a while for them to respond to our order inquiry, that is just to confirm our order and a lot longer waiting time before the order arrived. Looks like our area is assigned to a different store (Katipunan branch) even though we are literally only 10 minutes away from their Eastwood branch.

It's not all bad though. Our order was still warm when we received it (which was quite a surprise) and we were billed exactly as we expected so it's all good I suppose.

With the new interface, I hope they have already shortened the delivery time and assign their delivery areas efficiently. If you frequently order online, McDelivery now offers a registration in their website where you can save you address details for future orders.


  1. visiting here. everything's more convenient nowadays and mcdonald's online delivery is no exemption, but i prefer to go to the fastfood itself para mas mabilis.

    By the way, I'm building a blogroll for my new blog and I hope I could exchange links with you? :) Thanks in advance!

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  2. wow! ang galing..wala yan dito...:) dami kasi McDidies dito...parang every mile meron...lol!

    glad to be here Gene..salamat sa dalaw....:)


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