BC Bloggers Secret

Earlier last year, Paula of Mommy Diary created the BC Bloggers Secret to help fellow bloggers connect with one another despite the busy schedule. I was part of the first batch and really appreciate all the hard work Paula put into this wonderful brain child of hers.

To make things more interesting, she recently launch BC Bloggers Meme where bloggers can join and share their blogging secrets that can be useful for other bloggers, too.

This week’s question is:

“What is one tool, tip, secret (or whatever it may be) that you have discovered  that has helped you in your blogging and would like to share to others?”

My answer is Windows Live Writer.

I discovered this wonderful program while I was bored and looking at all the programs installed in our laptop. I was so glad I was curious that time. Windows Live Writer helped me a lot in my blogging, especially when updating multiple blogs. It’s like a one stop shop. You don’t have to sign in to different blogging platforms every time you make a blog post. Register your blogs and then bam, blogging in a breeze. You can easily insert photos, add hyperlinks and change format. But the selling point for me is the easy preview option because there are certain way I like my blogs to be posted. Yes, I am a weird OC like that.

The sponsors of this informative meme are:

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Handy Views | Chromatic Note

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