Thoughts on going back to school

In less than three weeks, school will start again. Yet, here I am again still not enrolled to any university. I stopped schooling when I was already in my fourth year of my bachelor’s degree and decided to work in a call center instead. But I got tired of being a corporate slave so I decided to go back to school. It’s been three years now since I left work and I have been contemplating since then if I should go back to school or not.

There are many options out there to finish my education. I can still enroll myself in a traditional school but with the number of years that I was out of the university, they told me that I have to take an entrance exam again. Apart from traditional schooling, there is an option for Open University. It is like being homeschooled but I have to do it on my own and will be required to go to school during exams. The third and easiest option is to earn bachelor degree online. But with so many options of online schools out there, I’m not really sure where to start.

I really wish I could finish my bachelor degree before my daughter starts her education. She’s already two years old and I still haven’t decided yet what’s the best option to finish my degree.

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  1. imho, it is best to finish your bachelors degree :) before your daughter starts to go schooling :) best of luck!


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