Family Time at Enchanted Kingdom

Having siblings living in other countries makes it really difficult to enjoy family get together. My Ate G and her family now lives in Canada and it will take time for them to have a vacation here. While my Kuya J's family lives in Singapore, they spent their Christmas vacation last year in Malaysia so we didn't get to see them. This year, Kuya J's family came home to Manila and we grabbed the chance to meet them the next day they landed. The kids are awesome! It's amazing how they still remember us despite two years of not seeing each other. We decided to go out of town and visit Enchanted Kingdom.

Enchanted Kingdom is indeed a magical place. I think the kids were exhausted after all the rides that we tried. Most of it were based on what they want so we weren't able to try the extreme ones. But as long as the kids enjoyed themselves, we parents wouldn't mind. We went there on a weekday but the area were still crowded, mostly students on a field trip.

If you are planning on going there, I have some suggestions on how to make your fun day more enjoyable:
  • Schedule. Check their calendar if they are welcome to the public and their park hours.
  • Rates. Double check their ticket rates. We were lucky that our rate for a Regular Day Pass last week was cheaper compared to the rate starting this week. But then again, Space Shuttle was still under maintenance (according to their website, they launched Space Shuttle Max on December 19) and park hours were shorter.
  • Weather. Try and determine if it's a sunny or rainy day. The park is still operational even if it's raining, based on the number of umbrellas and rain coats in their souvenir shop. The first time I went there, it was also raining and we took advantage of  it. Of course, you can bring your own stuff.
  • Extra clothing. If you plan to get on the rides involving water, it would be wise to bring extra clothing and wash cloth.
  • Plan your rides. Enchanted Kingdom is a huge park. Thankfully though, they provide maps upon entrance. Get a copy and decide which rides you want to try and where to start. You can even consider it as a souvenir. And remember the restroom areas for a quick visit in between rides.
  • Drink up. With the all the screaming and adrenaline rush, I'm sure you'll be parched after each ride. There are a lot of kiosk scattered around the area so you'll never miss those. 
  • Memories. Create a lot of unforgettable memories, take lots of photos and have fun! You'll never know when you'll get to enjoy such a day again.

By car: Take Sta. Rosa Exit via SLEX, turn left after the toll gate, then turn right on Waltermart. The park is on your right side.
Commute: Enchanted Kingdom is offering a round trip shuttle service from Makati to Enchanted Kingdom.

Enchanted Kingdom offers discounts to certain guests. Since my brother's family are balikbayans, we received 15% off the regular rate and Papa is a senior citizen so he got a discount for his Day Pass. Visit their Promos page for their ongoing discount promos and if you are eligible.

* I am not affiliated with Enchanted Kingdom. This is not a sponsored post.

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