Photo Hunt: Fast

The year is almost over but I don't want to wait for the need to change the calendar before doing something I can do now. A challenge plays! Even in our everyday life. I've decided that I would start simple buy joining the PhotoHunt's weekly challenge of capturing photographs based on the week's theme. Sounds simple but it can really be very difficult to find inspiration on certain times.

Photo Hunt Theme for December 19: Fast

The photograph shown above was taken last year when I was still trying different things with our newly bought DSLR. I was experimenting on capturing a fast moving object or simply called panning.


  1. The effect is real cool too. Nicely taken there Gene. :)

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! :)


  2. Great shot! Jeepneys here in the metro are really fast, too. ~lol~

    My entry is up.

  3. This is a good shot! I'm still learning on panning.

  4. I miss riding a jeep one day i will. Happy hunting..

  5. Great shot -- and welcome to the hunt!

    Mine's up: http://cybercoven.org/wordpress/?p=918

  6. Nicely done! I look forward to seeing more of yours in the future.

    Drop by and see mine here.

  7. Excellent photo. Perfect for the "Fast" Theme. Welcome to Photohunt.

  8. Nice Shot! I nver tried the fast phase yet in my DSLR, hopefully soon because it is still in auto mode.
    Here is my FAST entry, hope you can visit.

  9. oh nice shot, i wonder if my G10 can do that:) you gave me an idea. I like your take on this theme:) Happy PH and Merry Christmas!


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