I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Contrary to Bing Crosby's song, I never once experienced a White Christmas. Sure my sister and her family are experiencing it now in Canada but for those who live in the tropics like me, we could only dream of having a snow-filled Christmas. Or in our case who live in the eastern part of the metro, we can enjoy a white Christmas by dropping by SM Marikina.

SM Marikina entertains their mall guests by showcasing The White Christmas Adventure. We were lucky the first time we went there was in the morning and there were only few people visiting the place.

Una is scared of the polar bear because of it's moving head so we didn't get a decent shot with her. But I think she's just fine with the other animals as long as she's not getting near them.

If you're near the area, visit the mall in these following dates to enjoy and feel the Christmas spirit.
  • December 23 - Christmas Caroling Cheers: Highest Praise Chorale Concert
  • December 26, 7pm - Guarrana Bossa Nova (Al Fresco area)
  • December 30 - New Year's Eve Grand Ball (Mall Area, Grand costume party for kids, culminating in the singing of “Aude Lang Syne”  and the popping of confetti to welcome the new year)
  • December 30, 4pm - A Holiday Fashion Show


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  2. Haha what a coincidence, same topic with mine.We're neighbors after all. Merry white Christmas! =)

  3. Merry White White Christmas :D


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