TikTokRok Climate Action

Tik Tok Pilipinas' Climate Action in Marikina Riverbanks was fun. Together with Daddy K, BIL #1 and Una went there to watch bands play, have a souvenir in their photo booth and just be there and enjoy the night. It's nice to listen to musicians share their thoughts on how they try and make the environment cleaner. It always starts within ourselves. But despite the efforts of hosts and artists reminding them to take care of their own trash, there were still a lot of empty food containers and plastic cups everywhere. If only we can implement to not use styrofoams in take outs, it would make a huge difference.

Tik Tok Pilipinas Photo Booth, only Php 20.

There was a wall climbing activity in the area. I've been dying to try that one for years but Daddy K can't join because no one would carry Una while we're up there, maybe next time.

Up Dharma Down were playing when we arrived there. Also learned that Armi, the vocalist lived in Marikina and was also affected by Ondoy.

Cynthia Alexander

Daddy K and Una with the TikTokRok information brochure

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  1. Hi!Sa'n kayo dito sa Marikina?We're neighbors lang pala? Glad you survived Ondoy too despite all odds.Hope we could bump into each other one day.=)

    By the way, I didn't know there was this kind of activity in Riverbanks.It's really high time we take care of the environment.You're right about the styros.It'll help a lot if we don't use them for take-outs.


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