An Open Letter To Gena

Dear Gena,

We've been through a lot and still going strong. We may not see each other as much as we used before we had our own families but that doesn't stop the bond that we had. I'd like to say I'm sorry for being a pain when we were kids. With Mama putting too much pressure on you in taking care of us young ones instead of having fun with kids your age. And sorry for hurting you in the past, you know how impulsive and bratty I get sometimes. And for following you around in your last year of high school. You know how I love your company and your friends are way too funny. Did I mention I love the way you act around them? You seem so sure of yourself, I've never seen you act like that at home. It's seems that you have this another side of you that you're afraid to show to us. But as we matured, you let me see that side of you and thank you for that.

Thank you for introducing me to different kinds of food. I think you started my addiction of experimenting with foods. Remember how of a picky eater I am that our friends used to call me Itlog because that's the only food I eat. Do you remember the first time I thought I was pregnant and I am craving something at 3 in the morning and you accompany me scour the dark streets for a possible food place to buy only to be freaked out by two suspicious looking men who didn't do anything to us, thank God for that! And thanks for buying those great shirts and sharing them with me. It made me feel cool sometimes in College.

Have I told you how giving and understanding you are to me? You're like a younger version of Ate Gie minus the sternness. I admire that from both of you. I know I refused to call you Ate even then but please remember that in my heart you'll always be an Ate.

Happy birthday Gena! See you on Sunday!

P.S. Pardon my poor excuse of a digiscrap. It's my first time trying it. I'm giving you that honor, hahaha!

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