Making money through blog posts

Sponsored reviews Before the year ends, I took a plunge in making money online. I've been wondering for years how it works but was skeptical to even bother trying, I had a job after all.

But now that I'm a mom and chose to stay with my baby girl, I have a lot of free time, most of them spent by surfing the net, playing games in Facebook and reading e-books and fanfictions online. I occasionally do some handicrafts but lost my stash last September because of the flood. The disaster also depleted our savings.

This time, I didn't believe in just hearsay. I researched and read reviews, forum posts and made sure to see proof of payments just to make sure I am making the right decision in investing my time and hard work.

There are a lot of Get Paid To (or GPT) offers out there. One offer that caught my attention is by LinkFromBlog. It's a get paid to post scheme where I can earn money by blogging sponsored reviews. I can do what I want to do and earn at the same time. How cool is that.


  1. Hmmm. Now this got me interested. How is it working for you? I've been curious about these types of jobs too, but I really have no idea how it goes. :D

  2. Hi Jonette!

    I only received one offer but from a different company. I'm not sure if it's because holiday season, they are so slow in approving bids on blog posts. I've only signed up this week and only have one unpaid sponsored post, I'm hopeful to receive it by next month. Will let you know if I receive any offers.

    Happy New Year!

  3. hi! i've been earning from my blog for a year now. i get around $50-150/month but since the ondoy devastation,my offers dwindled (because i failed to write 5 posts during and after the typhoon days and they penalized me for that by decreasing my offers.we didn't have power supply and internet connection for the longest time right?)Because of that,the number of tasks i've been getting went down to trickles.Last month i earned only $30 if i remember it correctly.Ondoy really devastated a lot, not just our personal belongings but also my job and my online earnings.

    i hope no catastrophe like that would ever happen again.

  4. Hi Femmepower!

    That's a lot of money! Enough for a month's worth of grocery and then some. Mind sharing your secret? I can be under your referral, in case you want to. :D I am still waiting for the approval of my bids. I'm not really sure how much I should be asking so I'm relying to the site's recommended asking price. Any advice on how to earn that much?

  5. You got my interested... so how do I go about it? and what about Femmepower's comment? how did she go about it?

  6. Hi Jinky! I think the first to do with blog reviews is having an active blog for the past three months. My blog is having difficulty getting approved because I have 2 months of no blog posts. I just have to keep my blog updated for now on and wait to get approved to receive offers.

    Femmepower suggested we apply to blogtoprofit and blog4reviews. Visit her website to get her referral link. :D



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