Macky's = Goto Heaven

Being a picky eater when I was younger (okay, still am now,) there are only quite a few food that I truly enjoy. And I mean really enjoy that I don't mind eating it three times a day for a whole week. Other than eggs and hotdogs, my favorite food is lugaw (congee). I'm not really sure how it is cooked but the idea is you cook rice with broth instead of water, whether it's chicken or beef broth, that would depend on your preference, just make sure that you put extra broth on it to make it like a soup. But please, don't take my word for it as I've told before, I am no cook. If you really want to make one for yourself, try using PinoyCook's congee recipe.

Anyway, lugaw is like a mother's best friend. Babies really love it and I am personally thankful for the creator of this food because it helped me with my nausea when I was pregnant. And because I can't cook, Daddy K and I would always go to this humble place in Marikina near the Shoe Museum and have our dose of the best goto in town. Goto is like a special version of lugaw that comes with different kinds of beef meat. You can only find the best in Macky's. Pair it with tokwa't baboy and you feel like you're in goto heaven.

Macky's can be found along J.P. Rizal going to Calumpang, Marikina.

Map found in Google Maps. Click image to view larger version.

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