Family time in Fernando Air Base

Yesterday was a very tiring yet memorable day for the family. It was my MIL's birthday and we celebrated it together with her niece who graduated her schooling in Philippine Air Force. Yup, another military in the family and a first in DK's generation. A girl this time and I'm so proud of her. Congratulations Angelica Atienza!

The day started early, armed with lots of food, pillows and lack of sleep, we were on the road trying to catch up sleep. Unfortunately, Una has other ideas that kept most of us in the van awake watching out for her next move.

It was hot and sunny in Fernando Air Base, Una enjoyed walking and running in the field, despite having fallen down a couple of times. 

The program started late and we are not allowed to go near the field. Thankfully I was still able to capture Angel's company.

That's the best I could get with the zoom of my camera. She's in the back, I think the last person in the second line.

Next stop is picnic with the rest of Angel's relative to her father side on the other side of the camp. 

 Angel still wearing her uniform and Mac Gyver, DK's brother.

The girls in Angel's company.

It was a fun day despite the heat and Una definitely enjoyed being out and running on the fields. It would have been great if DK and their other cousins are with us. But I am hoping that we could go back to Batangas this summer, I miss their beach.


  1. Congratulations to her! I know how hard it is to be in that kind of academy when I read this post made me think of someone so dear to me. I salute her for making it!

  2. Congrats to her din! I will be proud din lalo na girl siya :)

  3. @Kay It is really hard for her. She even went to training herself every morning even before joining the military just to get prepared. And talk about cutting her long hair and having dark skinned. But it's worth all the hardwork she's been through.

    @Jade my in-laws are encouraging her male cousins to join the military. We have four retired military personnels in our compound, my father-in-law, two of DK's uncles and his grandfather. It is such a shame that Angel's 3 male cousins who all took Criminology in College and still unemployed wouldn't even think of joining the army.

  4. oh my...what a huge accomplishment...saludo ako sa kanya!

    glad to know gene...thanks for sharing! hubby is in the airforce too...:)

    oh, so you collect shirts too? that is true, hirap maghanan ng baby size na shirts...ehhehee!

    salamat sa dalaw...glad to be here again!

  5. Congrats to her and for making you all proud! Those ladies in PAF deserve much admiration.


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