Skinny Me

I need to gain weight, desperately.

I am getting so skinny it's borderline scary. Before anyone jumps into conclusion, I don't have an eating disorder. Never had, never will. I love food. I love it so much you'll see me drooling literally on cooking shows. Love it so, so much I had a glutton day one time to the point that my stomach had the difficulty keeping it down. Despite eating healthy and regularly with snacks in between, I am still shedding pounds.

I used to be skinny and awkward when I was younger. But to my delight I started gaining weight on my early 20s but still not enough for me to change my teen bra to women's lingerie. Even when I got pregnant, I only gained 20-25 lbs. on my full term and lost it all a week after giving birth. I was grateful at first because I can still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes but not this time.

The ideal weight for a woman with the height of 5'0 is between 97-127 lbs based on body mass index. I'm positive I am nowhere near that weight limit. The last time I had my checked was when I had my annual visit with my gynecologist. I shudder to think how much I weigh now. My skinny jeans (see photo on left) are no longer skin tight and my shirts are way bigger. Some would love to know that they can wear the smallest size but not this girl. I am breastfeeding mom with a growing toddler, I need some muscle and body fat. On the practical side, it saves a lot on our expenses if I remain in my previous size. Plus I don't want to let go of clothes I have, I love them shirts.

Has anyone experienced difficulty in gaining weight?


  1. Good luck in gaining weight - I have only experienced difficulty in losing weight...

  2. I had that difficulty once but I was sick then. Hehe. Now I find it hard to lose weight.

  3. all the best with your weight gain journey. ako nman i need to lose weight. lots and lots of weight.☺

    btw sis, i've something for you here: http://theroaditravelon.blogspot.com/2010/02/beautiful-blogger-award.html

  4. Goodluck sa pag gain ng weight. Problem ko naman mag lose ng weight. Kailangan mawala 20lbs. sa current weight ko para maging ideal.

    Like Bambie, I've got an award for you. Same award that she gave, hehe! http://livinglifetodfullest.blogspot.com/2010/02/another-award.html


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