Project I Will #6

Are you like me who prefers to send text messages than make a phone call?

Honestly, I seldom use my phone now. Being online all the time, I find it useful to just message my friends in YM, tweet them in Twitter, chat in Facebook or send them an email. I only text them if they're not available on line. I used to be have unlimited texts applied to my phone but having wi-fi in the house (and even outside,) the additional load credits is no longer appealing to me. And even if my friends sent me text messages, I will definitely use an online service to send reply to your text. Yes, I am very dependent on my internet connection that's why I chose to have a wi-fi enabled phone, I even tried using it inside the bathroom and it still works! But as I've said I seldom use my phone now because I'm always in front of the laptop so why use the small screen of my phone.

For last week's Project I Will (sorry for the super late post,) I will use my phone to call instead of text. On special occasions and certain circumstances. I know I'm supposed to do what the supposedly New Year resolution said but I know I won't be able to do that often so I'm sticking to the more realistic resolution. Special occasions include birthdays, holidays, congratulations and such and certain circumstances are for emergency situations which I already do anyway. And maybe a little hello via phone call to some friends who I miss dearly and is afraid of being online.

How about you, do you prefer sending text messages or making a phone call?

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  1. I always use Facebook in communicating with my friends nowadays, since they are more available there. And you can easily receive their reply. But before when I'm still a student I would just text my friends because it's much cheaper. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I don't even have text enabled, so I guess that answers that...

    Until last week, I never regretted it, either.


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