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This is my first time joining Mommy Moments and this week's theme is Song From a Mom's Heart. This was the song Daddy K and I chose for Una while she's still in my tummy, it's called Ultrasound by the local band Sandwich. This pretty much said what state we are in during the pregnancy.

Sandwich - Ultrasound  by  user5204400

you’re the stranger make me glow under my skin floating lavender pain melanin spin i can feel you stir within wherever i go yes i know , time to grow, yes i know hit me like a rainbow daze echoes go around sunburned afternoon parade summer silhouette i know i love you, though we haven’t met sometimes you won’t let me sleep at all yes i know, time to grow, yes i know kiss me like a rainbow daze echoes go around vamp: i will have to let you go just to feel you, so i can hold you, so i can love you, just to be with you just to be with you


  1. woi, bongga! baka maging rockstar si Una pag laki...hahahaha!

    mine is up as well....btw, in behalf of Mommy Moments...welcome sa grupo! Looking forward to see your entries in the future....:)

    thanks pala sa dalaw at comment Mami Gene...:) about your comment...I have no idea what that tree called...ehehehe! other fruits and trees blooms the same purple color....we call it cherry blossoms....:)

  2. wow, baka maging rockstar tong baby mo paglaki sabi nga ni dhemz :-)

  3. A different genre yes, but still a 'lullaby' :) Happy MM!

  4. We're actually hoping for Una to be musically inclined like Daddy K. I am useless with musical instruments but my brother used to play in Rondalla from grade school to high school kaya may chance on both sides. I just hope na makuha nya yun.

  5. very unique choice... :) welcome to mommy moments :D i hope you will be able to join us weekly! see you around :D


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