House hunting

We went on a house hunting road trip yesterday. The place is nice but it's so far from the city and from our relatives living in the Metro Manila area. This is the cheapest place in the subdivision and within our budget but we find the house structure so small and the ventilation is not good.

Though we found another house that would work for us because it's bigger and probably still within the budget, the location of the subdivision is still far for us. I feel a bit bad for Una, it looks like she likes the place and the clubhouse is really something.

DK & Una

I wish we could find a place that could would for us and near our parents. We're thinking of looking into southern subdivisions this time.


  1. wow. Good luck on your house hunt, Gene! I can only imagine the combination of tension, apprehension, and balancing this entails. Here's hoping you and your family find the house for you. Sending good vibes your way!

  2. Thanks Jonette! We love staying in our in-laws but a house of our own is something we would like to have before Una starts her school. She's still young but we want to get settled on a place we can call our own as soon as possible.

  3. I love house hunting! It's fun but it's also a bit tiring if you cannot find something that fit your requirements. Goodluck I hope you find one that you like :)

  4. oh my....love house hunting and moving...but it's a pain to pack and unpack thing....lol!

    looks like a decent subd...I am sure you'll find a better one soon...just keep looking....super cute naman ni Una....:)

    good luck gene!

  5. Photos are lovely! Good luck house-hunting. The thought of making (read: designing) a home gets my blood pumping. Haha.

  6. Gene,tell me if you find something nice and affordable but not too far from marikina or pasig.I'm looking for a new place too coz we want to get our own instead of rent. gusto mo tripping tayo next saturday? may schedule ako sa camella antipolo through an agent next sat aftn.


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