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Today marks the day that I launched my new domain. Doesn't look like there's a big difference but there will be in the near future. Especially now that I'm making an effort in making money online. If you'll look closely on the address bar, the old link is redirected to .com domain.

I think my blog of 3 years (turning 4 this year) deserves some lovin' and I'm showing my appreciation by buying it a domain. It's a big step for me but it's my thank you for the income I earned from this blog last month. And thanks to the helpful tutorial from JustAnotherPixel that solidified my decision to buy a domain.

If you are a Blogger user, visit JustAnotherPixel's site to learn how to setup domain with Moniker. I was planning on buying from GoDaddy but Moniker's price is cheaper by a few dollars so I took advantage of it. You might want to register using her affiliate link in Moniker to serve as our thank you for her help.

After you are done with your domain setup, you might want to wait for a few minutes to a few hours before it's fully operational and good to park on your blog. It only took a few minutes in this domain.

Here's how to park your domain in Blogger.
1. Login into your Blogger account. Click on Settings then Publishing. (Just to clarify, I used my spare blog in this example)

2. Click on Custom Domain then Switch to advanced settings.
3.Type in your new domain address, do word verification then save.

That's it! Just wait for the server to update and you have your brand new domain redirected to your blog. Let's celebrate!


  1. Hmm. Maybe I should try this in the future. Thanks, for the tip, Gene! Will definitely bookmark Moniker for my future plans. :)

  2. thanks for the visit gene...feels great to be here...hope to be back again!

  3. Congrats on your new domain! If you're planning to monetize your blog at full scale, this is the way to go. Some sponsors don't accept domains with .blogspot or .wordpress on them.Good decision!

  4. aww congrats on your new domain! :)


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