16 going 17

K-kun and I went to my monthly check-up with my OB yesterday. No gain weight still but my OB assured me that I will soon gain weight since I am reaching my second trimester. We also heard our baby's heartbeat with a Fetal Doppler. I can't wait for my tummy to grow big and hear our little sunshine's heartbeat with a stethoscope or with a pre-natal heart monitoring system (if our budget will allow us for that small luxury.)

We have also tried going baby boutiques now and scout for things that we would like to buy for our first baby. Of course nothing expensive. As we all know babies grow fast and expensive clothing which can only be worn once or twice is not a good idea.

I, on the other hand have been looking for jobs that can be done in the comfort of my own room. And at the same time hoping I could still retain the same job after giving birth to our child. I have started working on an online job now but doesn't really pay well and definitely not something that one could depend on as a source of income. Well, it could pass for an extra income. So I'm still looking for something that can be really beneficial for K-kun and I. Any ideas?

And just because I really don't like a picture-less post, here's something I got from Polyvore. I really wish I could get my hands on these especially the cute tank top! But I already have the Moleskine. So maybe just the tank top and the Emily Strange pick earrings.

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  1. That is cool - to almost see how your baby is growing inside ;)
    Its good if you don't buy too much baby stuff, why not just borrow some things if you can. And also don't forget the baby shower - hopefully friends and family will buy what you need :)
    I think you can find something that can earn you extra money with the use of your camera. Find out how others have gone to business dealing with digital photos. (I watched an episode of ShopTalk at ANC about this, but forgot the guests...)


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