Baby Wishlist (Updated 8/23/2008)

Shiloh's Blanket - Not really named after Angelina Jolie's first born but it became famous when Shiloh was seen with a crocheted blanket while strolling with her mom and dad. It is said to improve the baby's visual stimulation, obviously because of the alternating colors. But I don't need to shed $85 just for this blanket, I can actually make one for my baby, but that's after I give birth to him/her. If only I could find affordable organic cotton yarns here (it's been my frustration since I started crocheting.)

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  1. Pardon me, Gene, but if I had a choice I won't use a blanket where the colors don't really go together - just for the visual stimulation effect. There are lots of baby toys and items that can be made colorful for the baby. It is great though, that a celebrity is shown using crocheted stuff.
    I hope you'll be able to find organic cotton that is affordable. I wonder, could that be purchased from Japan...or from etsy sellers selling japanese goods?

  2. Of course, I won't copy those colors in the picture. I'm thinking of having it in ecru and another color but in different shades. And I read somewhere that the texture of the crocheted blanket also helps baby's sense of touch.

    It's really hard buying stuff from Japan, most of the online stores only ship locally and I really can't go around Japanese websites. And those who ship internationally cost double the original price. They're so near and yet so far. :(

  3. if you're looking for organic cotton,
    Dreams in glorietta has them, I saw it when I visited their store last May,Tita Lillie was actually offering it me :)

  4. Thanks for the info Jinky! The last time I went there they don't have yet.

    Any idea how much does it cost?


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