Week 20: Belly Shot + Filipino Music

I think my skin is already stretched to its limit. It has become so big and so heavy that I get tired so easily in our weekly mall walk. But I like it, though some people still haven't noticed that I'm quite big in the tummy part. Or my face still doesn't show any signs of being pregnant unlike other soon-to-be moms.

Everybody has been asking me if it's a girl or a boy. I am just as excited as every mom in the world but we still have to wait for a couple of weeks so that we can see clearly in 3d/4d ultrasound our baby's gender and at the same time get a good shot of his/her face.

I just talked to my SIL and brother in YM a few hours, as promised they showed me their gift to our baby.

A whole set of Avent bottles in different sizes! Wow, that's a lot! Thank you so much Kuya Jop and Ate Darlene!

+ + +

One of the best Filipino rock band of all time is Eraserheads. They're like The Beatles of Pinoy music. I grew up listening to their music but was too young to get a copy of their records. You can always listen to their music through the radio and watch their videos in MTV and TV shows. I was lucky enough that our eldest sister and her husband brought us in one of their gigs. But K-kun is more into them than I am. I think E-heads is one of the bands that influenced him and his then classmates to form a band while they were still in high school. He's really good for a self-taught musician. He even won the Best Guitarist award in the Battle of the Bands held in our University.

Anyway, their lead vocalist Ely Buendia left the band in 2002 and the band later on disbanded. Six years after the controversial issue about the band's breakup, their having a one in a lifetime reunion concert! Rumors started late July with lots of pointless drama from the DOH and now it's real! Tickets started selling Wednesday evening despite fact that the new promoters announced that they will be sold on Thursday (today.) It's so hard to get into the online ticketing so we have to wait for today to get ours in one of the authorized outlets that handles the ticketing of the concert. It's so crazy! Every fan is in panic mode, as in long lines as soon as the store opened and each fan would buy 10-20 tickets at a time! Expected attendees: 35,0000! That's a lot! And the news mentioned that the stage set-up is like the one that Michael Jackson had when he held his concert here. Whoa! That's a first for a Filipino rock band.

To know more about the rave, visit Philmusic.com. And to the fans who haven't bought their tickets yet, there are only 7,000 slots available for Patron and 22,000 for General Admission so grab those Patron tickets now. And to the fans who we're able to get through Marcus' VIP list, you're so lucky and be thankful that he gave us the chance to be nearer to the band! Too bad, we are not one of you.


  1. Hahaha! See you on Saturday, around 4pm.

  2. Best guitarist, that's great! Is he still playing?
    My son's band was also inspired by Eraserheads. I wouldn't want him to watch the concert, though. But he has his own mind...don't know if he's still that big of a fan.

    You are looking good, Gene! I have a picture of me at 5 months wearing a swimsuit...no one would guess I was pregnant looking from the back. But I think the stretchmarks started to appear by then. My mom did not have stretchmarks even though she had 8 kids.


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