New Member of the Family

We've got a new laptop!

I've been using Joanne (the laptop's name) for the past days and I'm getting so addicted to it. I still love R2D2 (K-kun's PC) though. But just so you know, we're not rich to be able to buy an extra computer in our household and yet haven't yet bought all the baby stuff. Actually there's a long story behind Joanne's arrival in this house. But I'll try to keep it short...

K-kun's father will be retiring this month and as part of his retirement plans, he would like to start a computer renting shop since K-kun is one of the best computer troubleshooters I've ever met (I'm not being biased here, K-kun learned the ins and outs of computer hardware on his own and he graduated with a major in Business Management while my brother is the best computer guy that I know and he graduated Computer Engineering without even owning a personal computer, beat that!) that would be the most practical idea. Plus his first brother have a Diploma in Computer Technology. Anyway, his kick-ass PC for a couple of years now is actually perfect for a server so his parents decided that they will just get his PC in exchange buying us a new laptop. Of course, K-kun made sure that it could be an alternative for our current system. Well, you know laptops are still very limited so I will sure miss R2D2, his wide screen LCD and the cable TV, yup, we can actually watch cable TV on his PC. I asked him if we can still do that with the laptop, he said we can't. :(

But at least, I can surf the net while in bed or even in the backyard. And I can still abuse R2D2 until they finalize the shop. Go Wi-Fi!

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