Food, pregnancy and pregorexia

I have nothing against people who are trying to get thin or stay in shape, especially if they are doing it the healthy way. Eating salads over red meat is not a big deal at all. In fact, I envy those who find satisfaction in eating healthy greens, but that's just not me. Just for the record, I grew up eating processed meat, pork chops and fried chicken. The only vegetables that are registered in my food vocabulary are very limited, my favorites are kangkong (swamp cabbage,) carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and some squash, cabbage and lettuces. Despite being a meat eater, I didn't gain that much weight at all. I remember weighing 30-40 kg. when I was in high school till early college. And I was actually one of those who are being envied for being thin while I envy others for having their clothes fit them perfectly. Till college days, the clothes that can only fit me are those tees sold in pre-teens section.

The only time that I gained enough weight to fit into those office shirts and slacks was when I started working and never thought that eating a lot of food can actually relieve stress, which was really, really bad for ones health. So I have a friend who introduced me to eating healthy, she eats red meat occasionally, but most of her diet consists of salads, cooked veggies, white meat and wheat bread! As shameful as it may seem, I actually learned about wheat bread when I was 22 years old! Seriously! And it's my choice of bread ever since. It's very filling, very healthy and most of all taste good even on its own. I learned to skip on those fatty strip in pork chops then later on learned to buy leaner meat. Plus my father is not allowed to eat any fatty food because of his high blood pressure so we started to get really, really conscious of the food that we're eating. I realized later on that the last time I had my dose of potato chips were years ago.

Now that I'm pregnant, I became very, very choosy with the food that I like to eat. I love anything with lettuce, salads, tacos and burgers are my best friends for the past months. I don't like to eat rice and terribly miss my father's dishes. I visit his home once a month and always demanded to cook my favorite meat dishes, mostly tomato based sauces. Being on my second trimester, the feeling of being hungry every few hours is just normal. I would grab two packs of biscuit or a cup of cold cocoa drink would be enough to satisfy my growing tummy. Hopefully this time, I have gained enough weight for me and for my baby.

I just can't wait for my tummy to grow bigger. It actually gives me satisfaction just by looking at my tummy after each meal. And I love wearing shirts that can show off my tummy. Yup, I am one proud soon-to-be mom!

Speaking of pregnancy and eating, I was channel surfing a couple of days ago and was shocked to learn that there is such a thing as Pregorexia. Basically, this applies to pregnant women who stays thin during pregnancy and doesn't appear to be pregnant at all. This is the said show that I've seen.

And for the article: Plague of the Pregorexics

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