Crochet Bolero Sighting

It's payday today so naturally there's a long line in every ATMs out there. K-kun and I were one of those peeps waiting for our chance to withdraw his (K-kun's) hard earned salary. And I immediately noticed the woman standing before us. She's wearing an ecru crocheted bolero! I pointed it out to K-kun but the woman noticed that I was looking at her back and you know what she did? She got hold of her bag and put it in front of her! She must have thought that we're trying to rob her.

Geez! How could I, for the life of me, a pregnant woman who stands 5'0" and very much in my right mind rob her inside a mall, with security guards everywhere, and surrounded with tens of people waiting for their chance to withdraw their money from the ATMs!

We may look like one of those poor college students who wear band shirts, jeans and Vans slip-ons but we're definitely not running out of money. It's just amazing how someone can assume of what a person is by the way he/she looks.

I can forget those petty assumptions but I still can't and won't forget her bolero. I can definitely make one, I hope. Hahaha!

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  1. Hi Gene!
    I would think its just an automatic reaction when we're in public and a stranger seems to be staring...I know I might have unknowingly done the same, without assuming anything.
    Anyway, did you get to see the details of the bolero? Or have you seen a similar pattern online...who knows, it might have been made from a free pattern.


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