Baby Wishlist


K-kun and I went to the mall today for my weekly walking exercise and of course the first place that we always visit first is the Infant Section. I love those cute baby clothes! They're so tiny and the colors are really lovely. I can imagine my baby wearing those outfits. Since it's still too early to determine the gender of our child, buying baby items this early would be such a waste. Plus there are still discount sales to be expected in very the near future. Believe me, people here in the Philippines would start buying Christmas gifts as soon as the start of -ber months. And I will be one of those starting this year, hahah!

For now, I'll start a list of the things that I want to have for my baby and hopefully be able to cross-out these items in the near future. Yoohoo, Fairy God Mothers!

Diaper Bag - A must have for every mommy. This fashionable bag is made by Baby Couture. It's made of polyester and comes with a changing mat and removable dry bag. Of course the inside lining is water resistant and filled with pockets to organize your baby stuff inside. Most of all it doesn't look like a diaper bag at all so I can still use as a regular bag.

Baby Slings
- For someone who doesn't have a personal car (we have a family van though,) bringing baby strollers can be really difficult. And I found this great alternative to carry my baby with less bulk. It's like a baby carrier but my baby will be closer to me. I can also breastfeed with the baby sling or do things with my both hands free (surfing the net,crocheting, reading.) It's also a bonding moment with me and the baby. This one is locally made, woohoo!

Boppy Pillow - Something to help me while breastfeeding or daddy while bottle feeding our little one. I just learned that these pillows are super expensive but luckily I saw a local brand that gives the same features for only 20% of the amount of the Boppy Pillow. :D
Cloth Diapers - I already saw one locally made. But we're still looking for an alternative, if there's any. It's cheaper because it's washable and reusable plus environment friendly. Also a great way to prevent baby from having diaper rash.

BPA Free and Anti-Colic Feeding Bottles - Just in case I can't produce enough milk for my baby, these will be the preferred bottles for baby. BFree bottles are proven safe for babies (Click here for the research report: Toxic Baby Bottles) and I've heard a lot of good reviews from mommies regarding Avent Anti-Colic feeding bottles and also heard about Dr. Brown's Natural Flow that also help reduce colic. But I won't be buying these bottles till next year because my sister-in-law already promised the feeding bottles for my baby, to be sent to us from Singapore. Yay!

Baby Wishlist (Updated 8/23/2008)

There are still a lot of items that I would like put here but I'm still researching which are the best options for us. I'll update this as soon as I find the right product for us. Also feel free to make suggestions. The more mommies suggesting a great product, the more I'd like to try that for my baby. Pardon the ignorance of the first time mom. ;P


  1. Those are all very nice. If I had some shopping money I would buy you the baby sling. I think its so useful...and you would need more than one to match your clothes. Siyempre, dapat medyo fashionable ang dating ;)

  2. You go girl! Cloth diapers all the way! Did this for my little one (she is now 23) and it saved tons of money in the long run. And no diaper rash.
    Have fun searching for all the items you will be needing.

  3. Hi Jana!

    Well start first with disposable diapers, I've been reading from parenting forums that newborn babies tend to use a lot of diapers so we'll have to regulate our babies bowel movement first before shifting to cloth diapers but we'll definitely stop using disposable ones sooner or later. :)

  4. this is really great!! I wish I had those things when my kids are just babies!! Too bad I planned to stop getting pregnant (I already have 2) but who knows?! hahaha

  5. hi miss!

    it's good to hear that more and more moms are planning their pregnancies and personally, 2-3 for me kids is just ideal. that will greatly depend on a family's financial status. :D

    oh, and thanks for dropping by. :)

  6. i know exactly what you mean, i've been trying to weigh the reviews of some items i've seen online ;-)

  7. Hi Caryn!

    Thanks for dropping by. It's really nice to look for stuff for our little one, even if you're not buying it, it's a form of window shopping and if you learn something new, it's also beneficial to both of you.


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