Week 20: Baby Cartoon

This is so funny!

I woke up early this morning feeling hungry. So I woke K-kun because I'm craving for some pandesal. And not only that, we also had some cheddar cheese and fried eggs, so good! No coffee for me so I forced myself to finish 500mL of water in one sitting. After filling ourselves with the breakfast, K-kun and I lied down in the bed for a while. It's really seldom for us to wake up early for breakfast so I'm on lazy mode as usual so we just had some bonding moments with my baby/tummy.

K-kun felt our baby move! It's always like that, we're talking when we would feel baby move. It seems like he/she would like to join the conversation. My baby is already so active! We fell back into sleep while feeling our baby move, haha!


  1. Aww...that is so nice and good sign of a healthy baby!
    For me, it was my second son who kicked a lot. Siya talaga yung malikot sa kanilang dalawa.

  2. Yup, and I'm really glad! Yesterday night, the baby kicked really hard it stopped me from speaking and when I ask the daddy to touch my tummy, he/she kicked again! So awesome!

    Sana mag-continue siya na healthy hanggang paglabas. :)

  3. Isn't if neat when they start moving around and trying to get your attention? Have fun "feeling" him/her grow and interact with you guys in his/her own special way.

  4. hi jana!

    he/she definitely want some attention! i always talk to my tummy after eating. telling him/her that it's feeding time. :D


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