Busy Stork

Did you notice?

It seems that most of my friends are jumping into the motherhood bandwagon. I have an officemate who gave birth last month, a college friend due this month, I'm on my 17th week and recently learned that two of my other officemates are also pregnant. I'm so excited to think that after giving birth, we could have a reunion with our babies!

That's not all. Did you notice the recent Blogger Buzz? Well, if you didn't, here's a screen shot for you.

There are babies everywhere. So cute and so lovely!


  1. di naman ako nagmamadali. oks na rin siguro yung hindi kami nag kaanak dati. mas mahirap maghanap ng partner eh. mas madali magkaanak. :)

    bwiset! dami ko ng inaanak. haha!

  2. Hahaha! Kapag nagka-anak ka, wala ka ng makukuhang ninong/ninang kasi naunahan ka na. :D

  3. At your age now, your peers are getting married or having babies. Ako naman, they're getting separated or having grandkids :p


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