18 weeks - Bad Belly Shots

Finally, some belly shots, not good but the point is I just want to show my new tummy size. Sorry for the blurred image, it's in Auto mode and on self-timer.

My not so big tummy with my 18 week old baby inside. <3


  1. Thanks for sharing, Gene!
    You know you can wear a bikini even later in your pregnancy and you'll still look sexy ;)
    Btw, when I first got 5 months pregnant, I already had stre-----tch marks. I'm sure I didn't drink enough water or ate the best foods. I continued to report for office work until I was almost due.
    I know you'll take care of yourself now, be a good girl!

  2. Hi Mimi!

    I hope I can still wear a bikini after my pregnancy. I tried wearing "granny undies" but not really comfortable. :( My OB advised me to drink lots of water but the multiple trips to the restroom is really annoying! I spent most of my time watching TV, sitting and lying around but I make up for it during Kris' day offs, a trip to the mall once a week is really entertaining. Plus it gives me a lot of walking exercises.

  3. Awww so cute tummy ^_^ Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a cute little belly! Are you feeling any of that fluttering going on inside yet?

  5. Hi sinta! Thanks for dropping by!

    Jana! I didn't know you already have a blogspot journal. The fluttering is usually felt at night. I think my child is also having a hard time sleeping at night. :D But the daddy is having a hard time feeling the movements so we really have to buy a portable Doppler. :)

  6. my how you've grown!, whisper hello to your baby for me...thanks for sharing...

  7. Hi Jinky!

    My baby is still busy feeding inside my tummy, just woke up and just had lunch but I'm sure he/she would say hello if he/she's not that busy, hehehe!


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