Walk in the park

On a bright Tuesday morning, K-kun and I attended the New Family Planning seminar in our municipality. For those who live here in the Philippines, you probably have the idea why a couple would attend this kind of seminar. *wink* The seminar ended early than scheduled so we decided to just go home and rest. As usual, we would always pass by Marikina Riverbanks so we decided to take a short stroll and loved the flowers that welcomed us on our way down to the riverbank.

It's been raining for the past days so the river looks muddy. But the weather today is just perfect. And we even spotted an insect playing amongst the flowers. Or is that a bee? Anyway, these shots were taken using K-kun's Sony Ericsson cellphone because I'm too lazy to bring our DSLR.

On a side note, I'm back to using R2D2 now because Joanne is running on Windows Vista and the freaking OS hanged on me for a couple of times now so I'll have to ask K-kun to change the stupid OS to Windows XP.


  1. Nice pictures! I wish I live in Marikina...except for the occasional flooding there, it seems to have all the good things combined from city and provincial life.
    And oh, when is the special day going to be? And where? I plan to gatecrash...hehe...

  2. Thanks Mimi! According to K-kun, they haven't encountered any extreme flooding like the ones in Downtown Manila for the past years. I used to not like Marikina, as a person who grew up in Manila, anything that a city girl would want is just around the corner, malls, market, church, school, hospital, except for the fresh air of course. :D And that's what I learned to appreciate here. I love the afternoon walk in the riverbanks. And I think they have the best city hall I've ever been to. It's not crowded, very organized and well ventilated. We even received Marikina Yellow Pages and Health Passport for free, to be delivered right at your doorstep. How cool is that!


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