Benefits of claiming your 2010 Starbucks Coffee Planner

The Starbucks Christmas traditions planner may be considered a must have item for some. But despite the dent on the budget and a social status in possessing the latest planner, there is a good thing in owning the much-coveted planner.

In partnership with UNICEF, Starbucks' SparkHope has been helping in enriching children's lives from different parts of the country. This year, by redeeming your Limited Edition 2010 Starbucks Coffee Planner, they will be making a donation to help with the continuous relief efforts for the Typhoon victims.

You might be wondering though that I am late in making this post because the promo supposedly had ended yesterday. But Starbucks is being generous and extended the promotion until January 15, 2010. I know completing all 17 stickers are really heavy on the budget, but think of it as your way of helping those who are in need.

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