Hope for Haiti

Being a victim of national disaster, I know exactly what it feels like to be devastated by something you can't totally control. We were thankful for all the help given to us by all the NGO who helped and reached out to us. Now it's our turn to help others who's currently suffering the effects of the recent earthquake in Haiti. We can only do so much and spreading word and reaching out to others in just a few of them.

Any help is very much appreciated. But for someone like who lives on the other side of the world, I can only donate monetary help. We can do so by going directly to some foundations like Red Cross or help chip in with some of the independent designers worldwide and get a chance to join their raffle as an incentive. Head over to Hope for Haiti for more information.

Or if you are knitter or crocheter, you can buy patterns from Ravelry designers who have pledged their earnings for this month to donate to those who are in need in Haiti. A good friend of mine, Mimi, is pledging her earnings from her net sales in Ravelry til January 31.

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  1. God bless Haiti.I hope rescue and other aides would be faster.They just got an aftershock that was 6.5 in magnitude, if my memory serves me right.Really sorry for them, they need our prayers.


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