Project I Will #5

In my previous Project I Will post, I committed to start saving money with a piggy bank. Honestly, it's a jar but I'm sure you know what I mean. While we are on the not-so-piggy piggy bank topic, I'd like to share with you a conversation I had with Daddy K's cousin. As you all know, I love browsing the net in search for some cute fun stuff that are useful (or maybe even not really useful) in our everyday life. She entered the room while I was looking at a cute battery operated Itazura coin bank (see video below.)

It's so cute and so adorable so I told her to watch it too. She asked me where to get it and I said she have to buy it online. And with an incredulous voice, she said that there is no point in having that coin back in the first place if you're going to have to pay for it. She said that the money that you will save in that coin bank is not even enough to pay the said coin bank. All that coming from a 10 year old girl, smart no?

Of course, I have no plans of buying that and explained that I just love watching it because of it's cuteness. That's also the reason why I'm using a jar for our coin bank, an old mayonnaise jar if you want me to be specific.

With that said, let's go back to our topic/resolution for the week. Last year, I took a plunge into money making schemes online. I started it with monetizing my blog and joining some paid to click programs. So far, I already earned $ 19 just for this month. I say that's a lot for a start. The earnings I received only motivates me to strive harder. I planned to not touch my earnings online (except on extreme emergencies,) let's see how much I'll have in total by the end of the year.

How about you? Any recommended money making schemes that would word for stay at home moms like me?

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  1. goodluck on your project! hope you have lots of overflowing piggie banks at the end of the year :)

    hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
    my real story
    my minute maid

  2. Hi,Gene! I see you're making progress in your online earnings.Have more patience and diligence and before you know it,you're already seeing $100-$150 in your PayPal account every month.Happened to me for several months.It can happen to you too. Good luck!

    By the way, I'm serious with my offer to refer you to the company in case you decide to work again,ayt? We're currently in need of more agents for a new account (currently hiring for wave 2) so there's a lot of opportunity for fast career advancement.Just give me a heads up. Eastwood lang so very convenient.

  3. Hmm. Now you have me thinking, Gene. seriously considering the Blogsvertise offer. how has it been to you so far?

  4. Jonette, haven't received any new offers from them. I'll probably stop receiving offers from anyone now that I changed my domain. New name, new links, new stats. It doesn't matter if your blog has been up for a couple of years, they'll still based it on your site's url standing. It's like giving Edsa a new street name and people were like "Where?"

    But the good thing is I have 3 months to work on my site stats to get better and receive offers by the time it gets "mature" enough for sponsored posts.

  5. hmmm. now I'm thinking: do I monetize The Hobby Horse, or do I set up something else for money-making purposes? It would be great with all that traffic I already have on my crafting blog, but I can't help but put my audience first.


    Too late. I've gone and become impatient and set up a fresh blog. I know it's going to take 30 days of posts for Blogvertise to say it's legit. But what do you think?

  6. I think having different blogs is good especially if each blog is focused on specific topic. This used to be my craft blog but after all the personal stuff I've put on it and the lack of crafty projects I decided to just stick with the personal stuff. I'm planning on opening a new blog that is solely focused on my projects. I think you can still monetize your craft blog since you can choose what you want to blog about. There may be offers that is not related to any crafts but you can decline it if you don't feel like writing it.

  7. ah, is that so? You must teach me these, o master. :D

  8. Naku, I am no master! I'm still learning and just sharing what I've read and learned so far. Why don't you try joining in some sponsored posts programs. I am still getting the hang in some of them, so far I've only been paid by SponsoredReviews and Blogsvertise. I have pending payment from LinkFromBlog but still have to reach payout of $50. I'll make a post about it soon so you'll get see how it works.

  9. Hello Gene, thanks for visiting my blog.

    As for money making online, I am no expert but I can refer to you some of the sites that I have been working with and got paid.

    Here is the link: http://www.pinaymommyonline.com/2009/08/list-of-paying-paid-to-blog-companies.html

    Having several blogs is definitely the answer especially if they are self hosted running under wordpress script. :)

    I have more than 10 for paid to blog opps.


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