Dreaming of Paris...

... is something I seldom do. You see, if I ever dreamed of going to Europe, Italy will always be the place I would go. I dreamed of riding the gondola, visit their museums and run in their vineyards. So it won't be a shock to you if I say that one of my favorite movies is Under the Tuscan Sun.

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Another movie that made me want to wander to other places in Europe is Before the Sunset. I just love that movie and won't get tired of their conversations. It made me want to hop on a plane and go sightseeing Paris. Well I've seen the Louvre in the movie version of my favorite book The DaVinci Code but it's still not enough. I want to be there during one of the film festivals and stay in apartment Cannes, visit those small little bookstores and have coffee in the park. Of course, renting in France, particularly Paris is quite expensive so I think I'll settle for a short visit and have my bed and breakfast Paris style. Oh, if only I could easily go there and travel with all of my heart's content.

Sadly, these are all just dreams, wishful thinking maybe but that doesn't stop my imagination to go off and travel abroad. I wonder where my next stop is.

How about you? Any dream destinations that you like to daydream?


  1. It'd have to be Thailand for me. Thinking about the sights, the sounds, smells and flavors -- and actually being there -- gives me the hoppy-fuzzy feeling at the bottom of my gut. One day, I'd like to save up for a half-week-long vacation there, just my boyfriend and I.

    I'd also love to visit Japan, and India, but oh wow! I wish I knew a bit of both languages. ^_^"

  2. I love Japan! I don't why we can be like them, they are so disciplined and makes simple things look pretty and nice to look at. If we're talking about Asia, then Japan is definitely the place I want to go to. Second is Singapore because that's where my brother's family is based now.


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