Me, a Navigator?

Una is turning one tomorrow! But on occasions like this, we always make invitations that include maps. Living in a far away East Metro, a map in the invitation is a must to every event happening in our residence. It would have been really helpful if MapQuest can handle the directions in our country, unfortunately it only covers most of US, Canada and some countries. And directional instruction is not available in Google Maps either so I have to do it manually. By manually, I mean I have to screen shot a couple of maps and put them all together to make one big map and put directional arrows and detailed instructions on where to turn and such. Then that's the reason why the navigator name came upon.

I grew up in downtown Manila. With the number of streets and alleys I have to go through everyday, it's easy to learn and master one's sense of direction. But that didn't stop me from buying a street map of Metro Manila when we bought our car last year. I may know most of the directions by foot, but I am no expert when it comes to knowing if it's a one way street or a dead end for vehicles. I have to master that one yet but for now I would act as a navigator to my husband who doesn't have any sense of direction despite having a license for five years.

After Una’s celebration, we will be celebrating our anniversary as a couple next month. I wanted to go backpacking like Erick-senpai so I’m reading some hostel reviews to figure out what could work for our budget.

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