New Year, New Template


I have finally finished changing my blog templates. Yes, with the 's' because I changed the templates of my two blogs. I decided to stick on a plain theme but I choose the one where I can at tweak it a little bit. See the header above? Found the image in stock.xchng. Nice, no?

I plan to change it every once in a while. Every season maybe? We'll see. That will depend on my creative idea or my dedication to find an appropriate stock photo.

Just to recap, in case you got confused for the sudden change of look. The template below was my home last year. I forgot where I got it but it's a free template named Stitch. So I was so lazy searching later but decided to search it anyway. Here is the download link for the Stitch template. (seen below)

I really love the Stitch template, the color scheme, design, everything! Unfortunately, 2 column templates doesn't work for me anymore. I prefer a template with two sidebars, feeling sad that the nice template won't be my blog home anymore.

Then before the year ends, I decided to finally change the look of my blog, like new year, new template sort of thing. This time I choose a template with 3 columns named Welcome Autumn from BirdieSays. I was so caught up into changing the template to the latest one that I forgot to have a screenshot of the autumn template before actually changing it. Just to give you an idea, graphics are made of drawn autumn leaves and the color scheme is light brown so it's easy to the eye. Just visit BirdieSays if you want to see how cute it is or if you want to see her free templates.

And now, as you can see, my blog is all black and white. I like it's neatness and how I could change the banner whenever I wish. It makes it not look too boring. If I remember correctly, this template is called The Morning After. I don't know why but the original image of the banner is also a text photo. I can only read the word Canada on the photo, not sure if it make sense to the creator. This is originally a WordPress theme but I found one in Blogger form so I took advantage of it.

What do you think of the new changes?

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